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Take Your Life to the NEXT LEVEL with these three things

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You know you are meant for MORE, you know you have MORE to give and the time has come for you to step into your power! 

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I have always liked to do things my way.

I grew up in an environment where stability and comfort in life were valued higher than passion or alignment, and while I listened to that to some extent and climbed to the heights of the corporate ladder as a way to pursue that security, I always felt that there was more to life than that.

And that desire pushed me to take action towards finding what that more was for me after my second daughter was born when I realized that, while I felt accomplished as a professional, I was feeling an imbalance between that particular aspect and other areas of my life. I was stressed and felt under constant pressure due to work, I was missing out on my kids’ childhood because of the long hours, my relationship with my husband was very tense, my health was becoming a challenge, I wasn’t sleeping very well.

It felt like I had made every possible compromise with myself, my health, and the things that mattered to me in order to get to professional fulfilment. And, while I enjoyed all my career achievements and all the fantastic opportunities that came with it, I got to the inevitable point where it felt like there was more for me out there. I wanted more, and I knew I was capable of more.

But, there is a vast misunderstanding regarding this idea of MORE, particularly in the corporate world.

In order to have more results, more satisfaction, more fulfilment, more impact, we are convinced that we have to DO more or achieve more. So, we push ourselves to work harder or for longer hours, and we take that as a badge of honour, thinking that there is no other way. And everyone around us does pretty much the same, which adds to the normality of such detrimental behaviour.

But, in fact, the secret is not pushing ourselves to DO more, but to BE more. And this concept is unheard of in the workplace development programs available within most organizations, both for the employee or executive levels.

So through everything that I do, I have made it my mission to bring this incredibly beneficial concept to as many individuals as possible.

I believe that it’s about time we focused on the things that make a real difference for us as individuals and for our organizations and create a new, unique and individual path towards fulfilment and joy, rather than continue on a society-made path that is taking a lot of us to burnout, overwhelm or unfulfillment.

You see, at every stage in our life, we have to remind ourselves that sometimes the decisions or choices we have to make in life might not be the easiest, or the consequences of those choices might not be very easy to handle.

BUT if we don’t make those difficult choices for ourselves and step bravely into our leader’s role, we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to fulfil our life purpose and make the impact that we were born to make in the world.

So, here are my top three non-negotiable that I lean in whenever I step toward my next level (as a woman, as a leader, as an entrepreneur, as a parent, as a partner, as a unique individual on this planet - ALL of these are facets of life that require our consistent focus and attention because we need growth in all of these areas - I want you to REFLECT ON THIS!!! - Does your focus tend to go on professional growth mostly??)

1.Take FULL responsibility for your choices


I bet this is not the first time you hear this!! 

But I will say it again because I believe that, in order to become a leader, you have to lead yourself FIRST - which means taking responsibility for your choices, your behaviours, your actions and what kind of attitude and energy you bring into your world on a daily basis.

And you have to take responsibility for how you respond or react to what's going on around you – even if those things have got nothing to do with you or it's situations that you did not create. This is a real test of maturity and emotional intelligence for every leader or person aspiring to become one. This is like the “ground zero” of powerful leadership and there is no way around it. It shows integrity, honesty, courage - just the things that set you apart from everyone else, right?

2. Never let your fear be bigger than your dreams


There is always an abundance of reasons not to follow your dreams or living to your true potential.

This graphic below might shed some light on how your relationship to your fears shows up in your reality -

Impactful Leadership Masterclass 2.0 (1).png

Which fear is bigger for you? The fear of discomfort, or being judged, or rejected, or criticised, OR the fear of playing small, stuck in the same life, on repeat, year after year, with no noticeable growth?

I remember when I was faced with the decision to leave the corporate world behind and step into full-time entrepreneurship, I must have come up with every excuse and every concern possible. “What if I fail?”, “What if I’m not cut out for it?”, “What if I can’t handle the uncertainty?”

But then I remembered why I was doing it in the first place, what example I wanted to set for my daughters, what impact I wanted to make in the world, the potential that I knew was going to waste and was ready to be used, the voice inside of me that was asking for MORE, and I kept on quieting down for years. And then I DID IT. The decision was easy when I faced my bigger fears.

3. FOCUS on the things you can control, rather than those you cannot


This is the ONE THING that will help you step into your true greatness in your life.


We spend so much time giving our power away to everything and everyone around us every single day of our life - no wonder that so many people, including those that we perceive as visibly successful and accomplished individuals - that we get to the end of the days feeling depleted, exhausted, overwhelmed, unfulfilled, burnt out, without any passion for life.

The biggest trouble is that this is an unseen stigma, a silent pain that we carry with us and lie to ourselves that "this is how it is" and "there's nothing I can do about it" or - the society conditioning - that we have to make all these compromises for success.

But no!!


All of this happens because we direct our focus on everything outside of ourselves and we give everything and everyone priority over our own needs. We do not allow ourselves moments in our life to replenish our energy, our emotional cup, our empowering beliefs. Because these are the things that we CAN control to support how we show up in our personal and professional life powerfully.

We think a strong cup of coffee (or two or three) and some more pushing will do the trick - because all we need right now is just need to get through today - while the next day the story repeats!!! Sounds familiar? (I don't want to make you feel bad but I know that you might feel triggered by this truth - and I know it oh so well myself, having done that for years!!)

But it is time to bring a droplet of your focus onto yourself! I promise you, the benefits will be incredible!

There is a quote by Roy T Bennett that I really like, and I had it made as a bookmark a couple of years back. It says, “Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely”

You see, countless factors go into determining how successful we are in the world of business and also in life, and a lot of them are perhaps external factors, not necessarily within our control, but one of the things that we have FULL control over are the choices that we make every single day, from the very moment we open our eyes in the morning, in fact even before that, because we make the choice to either wake up to the alarm clock or press the snooze button.

And the moment we become aware of that, and we start taking responsibility, not only for the choices that we make but also for the consequences of our choices, we put ourselves in a different league — a league of role models. And that’s where everyone who is or aspires to be a leader belongs.



I would love to know what INSIGHTS or realisations you got as you read all of this. Which of the three points resonated with you the most? Do you have your own non-negotiables that you live by? I would love to know!! Send me an email at and let me know!



(..when the mind cannot help but come up with incredible ideas, just as I was writing this article!!) I feel inspired to run a 30-day LeadHERship Challenge to support you on your journey towards letting go of the things that are holding you back and stepping into your bold, courageous and confident self who is ready to take the world by the storm.

It is a hands-on mini-program where I prompt you to take some powerful action every single day for 30 days - I know you DO NOT need more knowledge, but action, support and accountability, - THESE YOU DO NEED!

We will focus on connecting you with your NEXT-LEVEL identity, with next-level beliefs, next level emotions, courageous and confident action-taking, so you step powerfully into your leader's role, both in your personal and professional environments!

We start on the 1st of April.

You will come out of the 30 days feeling inspired, capable, ready to step into the spotlight as the leader and role model that, deep down, you know you are!

Isn't it time to let HER - your most powerful and courageous self - run the show in your life?

It will be the first time I will be running this in a low-tech hassle-free group format, so the investment will be an absolute no brainer.

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I can't wait to see your name on the list!

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