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Turn Impostor Syndrome into your Superpower

 Learn all about impostor syndrome, from origin to impact and discover practical strategies to break free from doubt, self-sabotage, perfectioniosm and worry, so you become a master of your life journey and achieve your full potential. 

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Have you ever experienced a sense of not belonging or doubted your worthiness of success and fulfilment, despite being a high-achieving female leader? Despite having skills, talents, gifts, expertise - quite often more than anyone else around you?

If so, rest assured that you're not alone. 

Impostor syndrome, a widely known cognitive phenomenon, affects approximately 70% of individuals at some point in their lives. 

It leads them to question their competence and worth, trapping them in a cycle of anxiety, perfectionism and worry that hinders them from reaching their full potential and become a full expression of their gifts and abilities.

So, here's what we'll cover inside

the REDEFINE Workshop:

<> Understand what exactly this phenomenon is and meet

the psychologists behind the research

<> Gain valuable insights into the common symptoms of impostor syndrome, its connection with the comfort zone and explore the impact it has on entrepreneurs, leaders, and women in high level positions

<Uncover the typical patterns of the impostor syndrome cycle and

understand the challenges involved in breaking free from its grip. 

<> Learn some powerful techniques to reframe your beliefs and thoughts about

achievement and self-worth, enabling you to overcome the impostor syndrome cycle once and for all.


Join us on this live virtual session to discover the profound benefits of shedding

the feeling of being a fraud and embracing challenges towards growth as well as tap into the

tools and techniques that will empower you to banish impostor syndrome

and become a fulfilled and empowered leader.

Workbook Included

WHEN: THU 08/06/23  12-1:30pm GMT



FREE for first time attendees and Landmark Club Members

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Emma Corpade is an Elite Performance and Mindset Coach and a multi-passionate entrepreneur with more than a decade in the business world. Following an award-winning career in one of London’s most prestigious corporate organizations, Emma transitioned into entrepreneurship as a way of pursuing her deep interest in human psychology, travel, and creative design and making an impact in people’s lives on a much bigger scale.

Passionate about empowering and inspiring women to succeed, Emma holds nothing back when it comes to sharing her message and believes that we all have a responsibility to take bold and consistent action towards becoming the role-models and leaders the world so desperately needs.

As a Coach, she supports highly driven women, entrepreneurs and business leaders, on their journey towards creating a life on their terms, a life of flexibility and freedom which allows them to create the impact that they want to create in the world while doing more of the things that matter the most in their life.

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