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The exclusive 1to1 experience for success driven women who are committed and ready to step into their true potential, lead with authenticity and build their legacy as the inspiring role-models that they truly are
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Landmark Club is a community of women who know that the journey to success, fulfilment and impact is more fun TOGETHER. 


We know that, in order to be the leaders that we know we are meant to be for those around us, we need to take the first step and become the leaders of our own lives first. 


We know that together, we, not only feel inspired to take those bold actions that we need to take, but we are able to break through every limitation that has been holding us back from stepping into our true greatness.


We know that we thrive when we feel included, listened to, seen and accepted for exactly who we are. 

We value:








And it is our mission to create and embody these values both for ourselves and for those around us!


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 to own your dreams FULLY and let go of the stories you've been telling yourself that are stopping you from making those dreams a reality

to step into your power and embrace your superpowers with conviction

to take the first step as a leader and role-model with CONFIDENCE



and with UNWAVERING BELIEF in your future 

and your role in the world.

YOU ARE a courageous woman ready to step into the best version of herself and take responsibility for her growth and development. 


You are serious about taking control over your own life, your actions, behaviours and choices.


You are DONE playing small and wasting time trying to find your way on your own.

YOU ARE a high achieving professional who wants to become a role-model in her workplace.

You have big dreams but no clear path towards making them your reality. 

There is so much you would like to do but you become absorbed in the rush of your daily life and find yourself stuck in the same place over and over again.

YOU HAVE reached a point in your life where you are keen to invest in yourself,  deepen your personal strengths and identify your edge as a leader. 


You are driven and motivated, you like taking action and you are firmly set on a path towards success and fulfilment. 


And you want the support, the community and the guidance to help you keep taking those bold steps.

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12 Month Group Experience

Monthly 2hr Deep Dive Workshop (in-person or virtual)

Monthly Live Power Practice with Expert Teacher (virtual) 

(Meditations, Activations, Sound Healing or Breathwork) 

Monthly GROUP Live Q&A Sessions (virtual)

Access to The Supercharge Academy Training Vault and

Library of Transformational Practices

Workbooks & Supporting Materials

Accountability and Support

Community of Like-minded Women

Pay in Full BONUS: The Impact & Influence 30 day Bootcamp (£222)

Paid in Full: £1100
Monthly: £110


4 x 1to1 60 min LEADERSHIP Sessions focused on:

Understanding Your Energetic Blueprint with deep-dive into your Human Design and Gene Keys profiles

Defining Your Core Values

Connecting with Your Next Level Vision

Living in Line With Your Life Purpose

Pay in Full BONUS: 4 Weeks Private Message Support via Voxer (£600)

Paid in Full: £3300
6 Month Plan: £660

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Emma Corpade client testimonial.png
Emma Corpade client testimonial.png
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