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What does MAKING AN IMPACT really mean?

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Let’s talk about making an impact!

“I want to make a difference in the world!” says every single woman I get to work with.

Fair enough, I know exactly how that feels and what that means! I've been working at it for a while now, so it's all too familiar!

But, what's the first thing that comes to mind when you say the word IMPACT? I'm sure it's some big, extraordinary things, perhaps writing a book or speaking on stage or building houses for those in need, or fighting climate change. 

I get it, IMPACT sounds big. And, especially if you're a high-achiever (I see you!!), you're going to gofer the biggest, most extraordinary things out there. We don't do "little" things, right?

You see, starting way back in my corporate days, I used to think and dream about that beautiful day, somewhere into my future, when I wake up and feel that I am really “making an impact”. A big one, nonetheless!

>>That one day, I would have the fulfilling career that would make myself and other people passionate and happy..

>>That one day, my children and everyone dear to me would live their most exciting, carefree and meaningful lives..


>>That one day, I would have enough money to support every single cause I feel passionate about..

>>That one day, I would travel the world teaching mothers in need how to be better humans for their children and being that person who lifts them up and changes their lives and the lives of the children for the better..

>>That one day, I would speak in front of millions on stages around the world, inspiring every single soul that would listen..

IMPACT, huge examples!! 

But what do we do while we wait for that day? While we wait for the business, or the money, or the freedom, or the skills to make all that huge impact happen?

Well, we wait for it.

We complain that it's not here yet.

We feel miserable because we should have been further ahead or the plan we had for the year hasn't really work out how we wanted it.

We worry that we’re not good enough or we’re less than those other people who seem to have it all figured out.

We hide or play small within the comfort of our familiar zone and tell ourselves that what we already have is not too bad..

We even lie to ourselves that perhaps al those extraordinary things are just not meant to be or we’ve got other things to focus on right now..


And THIS is what we fill our mind and body with and, of course, this is all that we spread in the world around us. Every SINGLE day! 

Sounds familiar?

You see, I’ve been working on making my impact for a while, with lots of commitment and intention. Some of it is happening, some is work in progress, some is not quite there!

But for a long time I got it all wrong because, while I was very much focused on all the big things I was going to do “one day”, I missed a lot of opportunities to make an impact in the moment.

Raw, vulnerable, honest, simple, perhaps little and seemingly insignificant.

A kind word, a thank you note, a dose of positive energy, an encouragement for someone who needs it, some quality time with your loved ones, an extra dose of patience or a precious life lesson for your children.. 

THIS, my lovely high-achievers, IS IMPACT. It might seem too little for you (I know how we tend to get fixated on the BIG things) but IT is all impact. 

And it is impact that you can make RIGHT NOW. No need to wait for the perfect moment..


(..and this graphic right here says it all..

Because, even before you embark on the big things that you know you are meant to create, you can spend your moments doing the little things

Spreading your light



And taking every single person around you on the journey!


Because these small and insignificant things need no preparation, need no complicated skills or qualifications, need hardly any time, effort or money. 

But, oh my, what a significant impact they make for the people around you. They might even be tempted to do what you do. 

And what a difference they'll make for you as well. Most certainly. 

Are you up for MAKING THIS KIND OF IMPACT? While you wait to get the big things figured out? No time to lose then! ;)


>>If you are up for this kind of challenge, I’d love to support you on this journey, so I invite you to have a conversation about what IMPACT looks like for you. Create the big impact, while living fully and impactfully every moment of your life. Wouldn't that be extraordinary? You owe it to ourself! You can book your preferred time for a 30 min conversation at


JOIN THE CONVERSATION!! - I would love to know what INSIGHTS or realisations you got as you read all of this. Which points resonated with you the most? Are you clear on the impact you want to crate in the world? I would love to know!!

Send me an email at and let me know!


ABOUT Emma Corpade

Emma Corpade is an Elite Performance and Mindset Coach, CEO of The Global institute for Women leaders and founder of The Supercharge Academy, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, award-winning speaker and podcast host.

She supports highly driven professional women on their journey towards creating a life on their terms, with flexibility and freedom, as they step towards becoming the leaders and role models they know they are and create the impact that they are meant to create in the world.

Read more about Emma and her work at



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