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Four Big Lessons For your NEXT LEVEL Leader

Pretty much all of the year so far has been a bit of everything for me - and it's only March!! - and I wanted to share with you some big lessons that keep on showing up and I keep leaning into.

As you know, I am a strong believer that one of our biggest tools for growth and expansion is reflection - those powerful moments when we allow ourselves to look back over how we do things or how we show up, to identify the things that we do well, see the ones we do not do so well, then make the appropriate adjustments.

Those moments when we look at ourselves and our life with pure honesty - not criticism or harshness, for the sake of putting ourselves down for not being good enough or doing well enough - but rather with honesty and curiosity, with a purpose of growth towards our next level. Self-assessment and reflection are some really powerful leadership traits.


So here are the four big lessons I invite you to reflect on and see how and if they are playing up in your life:

   1. Stepping into your next level of leadership and growth comes with pain and discomfort


I believe now more than ever that one of the key reasons people don’t move to the next level in their business or their life is that they are afraid to do things differently to the way they have always done them and with change and growth comes pain. And we are conditioned to not do anything that we know is going to cause us pain...unless our WHY is big enough. Unless we want it badly enough. Unless the pain of finding yourself in the same place this time next year is bigger than the pain of taking the action that you need to take.

And here's the leadership lesson:

If your life is not moving in the direction that you would like, in the time that you would like, look at where you’re holding yourself back - perhaps you hold onto old ideas, stories, habits and behaviours. Whilst those things were useful for getting you to where you are now, you WILL need to learn to see and DO things differently if you want a different result.



 2. Not everyone will be happy with your next level

This feeds into the above and it can be difficult, I get it - especially when most of us (#peoplepleasers) hate the idea of making decisions that are going to annoy some people in our circle or create a wave. You have to decide what’s more important, being liked or honouring your next level of leadership. I do not believe the two are mutually exclusive by the way, you can absolutely be liked and lead, BUT you can’t make decisions for your next level self, based on whether other people will pat you on the back or not for it.

The leadership lesson here is:

Stay closely connected with your bigger vision when making decisions and let moving one step closer be the filter of how you move forward with something, of course, whilst staying true to your values.


   3. Making mistakes is just part of the journey and sometimes you're gonna make some


(Yes, all the lessons.) One of my mentors says that she reserves the right to keep on learning. This is basically a very empowering way of saying - I reserve the right to fail, to mess up, change my mind and do things differently. It is very easy to get stuck or overwhelmed if you refuse to accept that sometimes you’re just going to get it wrong. Or sometimes the thing you tried is not meant for you, in which case you are presented with the opportunity to redirect - equally awesome.

Running your business is basically like being a parent. Even when you have coaches and mentors for guidance and support, like I do, ultimately nothing makes up for you living through your own experiences.

The Leadership Lesson here is:

Be open and willing to learn and grow because it’s all part of the game. As the saying goes "sometimes you win, sometimes you learn", so take everything you go through as being a wonderful part of the journey - even though you might not like it when you are going through it.


   4. Make decisions from a place of possibility, not circumstance.

This is one of the biggest things I learnt since I ventured into entrepreneurship and coaching – making decisions from a place of future possibility, from a place of what might be possible for you, rather than become absorbed or stuck in the limitations of your current reality.

Often I find that people think they are doing this when they hire me as a coach, for example, but honestly, that’s not it. They take this one decision and rely on it to bring the change that they want in their life, on its own.

But if you think that there's just one decision that’s going to get you to the next level, you’re not quite right. When you are committed to stepping into your next level, EVERY decision needs to be made using that filter.

This has to expand throughout all areas of your life - how you behave, how you act, how you think, how you speak, how you show up in the world every single day! And yes, it's a muscle that needs practising every single day.

And, oh my, the difference will be incredible and you - as well as everyone else around you - will notice.

The Leadership Lesson here is:

What would the impact on your life be if you were to make that bold decision now? How would you show up TODAY and every day? What would you need to make non-negotiable? And if you made that a non-negotiable, what would it mean for your life or your health or your relationships or your business? Who would you be? Your answers to these questions should give you all the feels. Because you know, deep down, that you are meant for that NEXT LEVEL.

There is so much more I could say on this topic because it’s a big one and one of my favourites, but I’m going to leave you with this for now.

I would love to know what INSIGHTS or realisations you get as you read all of this.

Send me an email at and let me know!

I would love to know that this brief leadership overview has brought value to your life.



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Your greatness awaits and I AM HERE TO CHEER YOU ON! 

Emma x

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