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Discover the three fundamental pillars of EMOTIONAL MASTERY and step into your true potential as a human and a leader by learning how to understand and take control of your emotions and master your inner world

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Living a life of success and fulfilment is challenging without emotional mastery.


Our emotions are extremely important feedback mechanisms, but we haven't been taught the rules of emotional processing, which greatly limits our potential.

Much like thoughts are the language of our mind, emotions are the language of our body and when we give too much power to our mind, the consequence is that we become disconnected from our body - hence disconnected from our emotions. 

And that’s when we begin to experience the cycle of internal misalignment and we put ourselves in constant conflict with our emotions and the sensations in our body.

As leaders, partners, parents and even individuals constantly in contact with the elements of life and our external reality, we thrive when we learn to understand, acknowledge, accept and master this beautiful language that we have within us. 


So, if you're tired of feeling triggered, sad, hopeless, overwhelmed or anxious, this session will help you develop a deeper level of awareness about what emotions are and regain control in your life by learning some simple tools to help you connect with your place of inner mastery, joy and peace. 


In this workshop, I take you on a journey to discover the three life-changing pillars of emotional mastery, to enable you to be in control of the way you feel, along with some powerful tools to change the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from living your life as the next level version of you.

So, here's what we'll cover inside

the EMBODY Workshop:

<> The 3 powerful PILLARS that help you understand and take

control of your emotions 

<> Two simple tools that can elevate your daily experience and move you from

reaction to response

<> What it takes for you to create long-lasting change in your personal and

professional life, by elevating your relationship with your emotions.

<> The secret to becoming the leader and role-model you were meant to be, by embracing your own emotional blueprint and how you can use it as an asset on your journey towards achieving your true potential. 

Workbook Included

WHEN: THU 06/04/23  12-1:30pm GMT


INVESTMENT: FREE for first time attendees (£55)

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Emma Corpade is an Elite Performance and Mindset Coach and a multi-passionate entrepreneur with more than a decade in the business world. Following an award-winning career in one of London’s most prestigious corporate organizations, Emma transitioned into entrepreneurship as a way of pursuing her deep interest in human psychology, travel, and creative design and making an impact in people’s lives on a much bigger scale.

Passionate about empowering and inspiring women to succeed, Emma holds nothing back when it comes to sharing her message and believes that we all have a responsibility to take bold and consistent action towards becoming the role-models and leaders the world so desperately needs.

As a Coach, she supports highly driven women, entrepreneurs and business leaders, on their journey towards creating a life on their terms, a life of flexibility and freedom which allows them to create the impact that they want to create in the world while doing more of the things that matter the most in their life.

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