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Expand What is Possible for You by Transforming Who You Are from Within and Step Into the IDENTITY of the Influential Next Level LEADER That You Were Meant To Be

We all have the POWER to create real CHANGE in your life.

Real, long-lasting change and transformation.

NOT by trying to DO things differently — but by becoming a different BEing whose choices, behaviours, actions and thought patterns naturally create a fulfilling and abundant new reality.

A NEW IDENTITY - the identity who is a perfect match

for the incredible results and outcomes that we want to enjoy in our life. 

And this is an everyday creation process available to us all and in this 2 hr immersive experience

you have the opportunity to unlock the power of your own identity creation process


So, here's what we'll cover inside

the ELEVATE Workshop:


<> The 3 powerful Self-Leadership Principles that enable you to show up to your life

with full ownership

<> How to take our power back and detach yourself from external influences,

so you can step into full alignment with yourself and your biggest dreams

<> What it takes for you to create long-lasting change in your personal and

professional life

<> The secret to becoming the leader and role-model you were meant to be, by embracing your own identity creation process, with commitment and leadership.

Workbook Included

BONUS: Embody Your Next Level Self Activation

WHEN: THU 15/02/24  12-1:30pm GMT


INVESTMENT: FREE for first time attendees and LANDMARK Club Members

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Emma Corpade is an Elite Performance and Mindset Coach and a multi-passionate entrepreneur with more than a decade in the business world. Following an award-winning career in one of London’s most prestigious corporate organizations, Emma transitioned into entrepreneurship as a way of pursuing her deep interest in human psychology, travel, and creative design and making an impact in people’s lives on a much bigger scale.

Passionate about empowering and inspiring women to succeed, Emma holds nothing back when it comes to sharing her message and believes that we all have a responsibility to take bold and consistent action towards becoming the role-models and leaders the world so desperately needs.

As a Coach, she supports highly driven women, entrepreneurs and business leaders, on their journey towards creating a life on their terms, a life of flexibility and freedom which allows them to create the impact that they want to create in the world while doing more of the things that matter the most in their life.

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